Your Ticket to Your Future!

So, you've finished your first year of High School Chemistry, you like what you've seen, and you want to pursue more! I applaude your ambition and drive. This will be a challenging endevour. It is a college level curricullum. We use college textbooks, and we cover the material at a college level pace. You need to be prepared to dedicate yourself to this challenge. If you really try to do all of the homework, ask questions when you do not understand, and study for the tests, when AP Chemsitry test day comes on the second week of May, you will be ready to show the colleges you really want to attend, that you've got the stuff to be succesful at their institution.

So dig in. Work hard. Form a study group. Set a study schedule and stick to it. You can do this, so let's get started!!

Your AP examination is scheduled for
This link will provide you with a  planner which indicates the chapters we will cover for each unit.