The  AP Exam
Tuesday, May 2, 2017 (afternoon)
Put your exploration of both classical and modern physics to the test -- and gain some college credit in the process -- with the AP Physics 1 Exam. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including mechanics, waves and circuits.
About the Exam
The exam is three hours long. You'll get 90 minutes each for the multiple-choice and free-response sections. You can use a scientific, programmable, or graphing calculator. Your exam packet will also include tables of commonly used physics equations.
Physics 1 is a physics course that uses algebra and trigonometry as the primary tools for problem solving. Physics 1 is an extensive investigation of mechanics with a cursory introduction into electrostatics and circuits 

Quarter 1:

Unit 1) 1-D Motion
Unit 2) Balanced Forces
Unit 3 part 1) Unbalanced Forces 

Quarter 2: 

Unit 3 part 2) Unbalanced Forces 
Unit 4) Energy
Interlude) 2-D Motion

Quarter 3:

Unit 5) Torque
Unit 6) Momentum
Unit 7 part 1) Waves 

Quarter 4:

Unit 7 part 2) Waves
Unit 8) Circuits
Unit 9) Comprehensive Review 
This link will provide you with a  planner which indicates the chapters we will cover and the dates you can expect a test for each unit.
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