Measurement - Units, Uncertainty, Graphical Analysis
  Science Skills Assessment - Analyze your skills and then consult this guide
   Objectives & Homework     (see also Homework Requirements)
   In-Class Practice
   Lab Report - the Pendulum     (see also Lab Information)
   Graphing - directions, examples, free graph paper
   Notes - uncertainty, significant digits, and units
   Functions Overview - summary of important types of equations
   Review Problems

Kinematics - a Mathematical Description of Motion
   Objectives & Homework - Kinematics
   In-Class Practice - Word Problems
   In-Class Practice - Position Graphs
   In-Class Practice - Velocity Graphs
   Review Problems
   Lab Report - Freefall Acceleration

Vectors - Two-Dimensional Kinematics
   Objectives & Homework - Vectors
   In-Class Practice
   Review Problems
   Lab Report - Projectile Motion

Forces - Newton's 3 Laws of Motion (Dynamics)
   Objectives & Homework - Forces
   In-Class Practice
   net Force - understanding and practice
   Review Problems
   Lab Report - Newton's 2nd Law

Periodic Motion & Gravity - SHM, Orbits, & Force Fields
   Objectives & Homework - Periodic Motion
   Solar System Data - Sun, planets, moons
   In-Class Practice
   SHM Notes basic info on Simple Harmonic Motion
   Review Problems
   Lab Report - the Conical Pendulum

Conservation of Energy & Momentum - an Alternate Form of Mechanics
   Objectives & Homework - Energy
   Objectives & Homework -
   In-Class Practice - Energy
   In-Class Practice - Momentum
   Energy Form Examples
   Review Problems
   Lab Report - Mass on a Spring

Electricity - Electrostatics, Coulomb's Law, & Simple Circuits
   Objectives & Homework - Electrostatics
   Objectives & Homework - Current & Circuits
   In-Class Practice
   The Digital Multimeter - a Primer
   Review Problems
   Some Notes
   Lab Report - Virtual Circuits

Waves & Interference - Sound, Light, etc.
   Objectives & Homework - Waves
   Objectives & Homework - Interference
   Wave Notes - Basic Definitions and Formulas
   Notes on Sound - Defining Properties
   Notes on EMR - Defining Properties of Light
   Notes on Wave Graphs - Two Types and Parameters
   Standing Waves Notes - Definitions and Formulas
   Electromagnetic Radiation - Information and Practice
   In-Class Practice
   Review Problems
   Lab Report - Virtual Waves on a String

Final Exam!
   About the Final Exam . . .
   Review Questions and Problems - Multiple Choice